This morning while reading from the first chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes, I saw..."Vanities of vanities! All things are vanity!" I realized that vanity, whether intentional or unintentional, is obvious.

This past week my wife and I were in Ft Worth and had reserved a Ford Taurus to get around the city.  A voice message from the rental car agency was left on our cell phone saying, "there were no Taurus available, only a Ford Mustang".

With our arrival to the rental office, the agent took one look at us and began to laugh, not gut-busting, knee-slapping guffaws, but she was definitely amused.  She asked "if we still want the Mustang?" I replied enthusiastically, "You Bet!"  We went outside to have our "how to use the car" instructions.  While our lesson in key-less car operation was going on, another couple came up to the office, paused to look back and forth between us and the Mustang and they, like the agent, began to laugh.  

It was at this point that I realized that the thing everyone was finding to be so funny was the image of a  slick, sleek muscle car being driven around by a middle-aged couple.

I pondered the point, was it amusing or even ridiculous to some the image of middle- agers driving such a car?  Was it their vanity that brought such laughter at my expense?  Was it my vanity that prompted openness to drive a muscle car?  Or was it more the joy of a new experience?  Either way, I got the "muscle car thing" out of my system and a deeper understanding of todays readings.   -  Dave