"Bring me my cloak" - 10/18/16

Today's first reading from the second letter of St. Paul to Timothy includes a passage that I always find interesting.  In 4:13 Paul asks Timothy to remember to bring a cloak that he left with Caprus in Troas along with  a few other incidental items [papyrus rolls and, especially "the" parchments].  The thing about this passage that I find interesting anreven a little amusing is its commonness which is not something I expect to find very often in the Bible.  It sounds so much like a text message that anyone might send, asking someone to bring them a coat, a phone charging cord, a sandwich, or any number of other simple things.  To me, this short passage conveys the humans of Paul, he was indeed an apostle, but he was also a human being with human needs and wants.  It also shows that he was practical; he needed the cloak to stay warm and wasn't expecting some sort of miracle to solve the problem for him.  Lastly, it conveys the importance of asking others we want in addition to asking, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I think that the passage shows that there is a human element to the Bible as well as a divine aspect, much like Jesus who was fully human and fully divine.  IT also gives us a feeling of connection, of kinship with Paul...even though he wrote the letters that greatly defined the Christian faith [something I don't see many of us doing in our lifetime] he was still a lot like us. And he must have really like that cloak. - Dave